What is another word for uncelebrated?

Pronunciation: [ʌnsˈɛləbɹˌe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Uncelebrated is a term utilized to refer to something or somebody that hasn't been recognized or appreciated satisfactorily for their achievements. There are several synonyms for uncelebrated such as forgotten, unrecognized, unappreciated, unacknowledged, neglected, and obscure. Forgotten denotes something or somebody that has been disremembered or disregarded. Unacknowledged refers to achievers who haven't received due recognition. Unappreciated refers to unrecognized talent or efforts. Obscure implies that something or somebody is not widely known, rare, or outstanding. Neglected refers to somebody or something being deserted or ignored. Utilizing synonyms helps writers avoid repetition while still communicating their intended message.

What are the opposite words for uncelebrated?

Celebrated means to be recognized and acclaimed for a quality or achievement. Therefore, antonyms for uncelebrated are words that indicate the recognition or acknowledgement of achievements, qualities, or importance. Some antonyms for uncelebrated include "celebrated," "noteworthy," "acclaimed," "famous," "renowned," "illustrious," "lauded," "respected," "admired," and "applauded." Each of these words highlights the importance of recognizing accomplishments, talents, and excellence in individuals or groups. Therefore, by using these antonyms, we can emphasize the significance of praising and celebrating the success and accomplishments of others.

What are the antonyms for Uncelebrated?

Usage examples for Uncelebrated

There flashed through Mark's mind the memories of what other hunters had done in such situations, what ruses they had adopted if unarmed, what method of defence if armed; but in the very instant of the panoramic flash Mark did what countless uncelebrated hunters must have done, he ran in the opposition direction from his enemy.
"The Altar Steps"
Compton MacKenzie
Ever since I have entered upon the chronicles of this peerless, but hitherto uncelebrated, chieftain, has he kept me in a state of incessant action and anxiety with the toils and dangers he is constantly encountering.
"Knickerbocker's History of New York, Complete"
Washington Irving
It will therefore be readily understood that the rare occasions when I was free to go out with a gun were not allowed to pass uncelebrated by the tea-basket.
"Some Experiences of an Irish R.M."
E. OE. Somerville Martin Ross

Famous quotes with Uncelebrated

  • I'm celebrated for celebrating the uncelebrated.
    Studs Terkel

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