What is another word for Incog?

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[ ɪnkˈɒɡ], [ ɪnkˈɒɡ], [ ɪ_n_k_ˈɒ_ɡ]

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    How to use "Incog" in context?

    In 2008, when the global recession hit, designer Paulo Sopi decided to launch a new fashion line: "Incog," a minimalist line of tailored clothes using unusual materials. On his website, Sopi describes his style as "an ode to deconstruction and restraint."

    The Incog line makes use of nontraditional materials like soy wax and aluminum foil, sometimes combined with modern fabric technology to create new and exciting textures. The line draws inspiration from cutting-edge contemporary design, while staying true to Sopi's unique aesthetic.

    The line is available online and in select boutiques around the world.

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