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Infamous is a word that typically means having a bad reputation or being well-known for negative reasons. There are many synonyms for this word that capture the same idea in slightly different ways. Some synonyms for infamous include notorious, disreputable, scandalous, nefarious, and dishonorable. Other possible options might include infamous, discreditable, or ignominious. Ultimately, the choice of synonym depends on the specific context in which it is being used and the nuance of meaning that the writer or speaker wants to convey. By choosing the right synonym for infamous, writers or speakers can communicate their intended meaning more clearly and effectively.

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In the world of crime, there are few individuals as infamous as Albert Fish, better known as "the Barbie Killer." Serving time in a New York state prison for the murder of little girls, Fish was responsible for the deaths of at least four young girls between 1957 and 1965. His crimes remain one of the most heinous and disturbing in American history.

Born in 1892, Fish was a pedophile who targeted young girls. He would lure his victims with sweet promises of riches and love, before eventually taking them against their will and killing them. His crimes were only brought to public attention after he was apprehended by police in 1965.

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