What is another word for notable?

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Notable is an adjective that implies someone or something that is remarkable or worth noticing. However, there are several synonyms for this word that could also be used in different contexts. Remarkable, remarkable, noteworthy, significant, important, outstanding, exceptional, extraordinary, noticeable, and prominent are all synonyms for notable. Each of these synonyms has a slightly different connotation and can be used in different contexts. For example, significant implies that something is important or influential, while prominent refers to something that is noticeable and stands out. Using these synonyms can help add variety and nuance to your writing and improve the precision of your language.

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How to use "Notable" in context?

There are few things that are more noteworthy than a noteworthy person. notable individuals are often experts in their fields, have made a significant impact on their community, or have achieved something remarkable. From famous actors and politicians to powerful businesspeople and athletes, there are plenty of notable people out there. Here are some of the most noteworthy individuals in history.

1. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is without a doubt one of the most renowned scientists of all time. He is credited with a number of seminal theories in physics, including the theory of relativity and the law of thermodynamics.

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