What is another word for clot?

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The word "clot" typically refers to a thick mass of coagulated blood; however, there are several synonyms to describe this condition. For instance, a clot can also be referred to as a thrombus or a coagulum. Additionally, "embolus" is another word used for a clot that travels through the bloodstream and obstructs a vessel. In a more general sense, the words "blockage" or "obstruction" can also be used to describe a clot, especially when referring to its effect on a bodily function or system. Regardless of the terminology used, the presence of a clot can be a serious medical issue that requires prompt attention and treatment to prevent severe complications.

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    The word clot refers to a thick and solid mass, often of blood or any other kind of liquid. Antonyms of the word clot would be the opposite of its meaning. The antonyms include words such as liquid, fluid, runny, thin, loosen, and dissipate. Liquid and fluid represents a flowing substance, the opposite of clot, which is hard and solid. Runny and thin represent the opposite texture of clot, which is thick and hard. Dissipate and loosen represents the process of breaking up or dispersing, which is the opposite of clot's ability to consolidate and clump together.

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    My brain may go-a little clot of blood no bigger than a pin's head, and the greatest brain on earth is so much pulp!
    "Roden's Corner"
    Henry Seton Merriman
    The man who treats his fellow as a mere mean for the supply of his wants, and not as a human being with whom he has to do, is an obstructing clot in the human circulation.
    "Weighed and Wanting"
    George MacDonald
    Poor Dan'l's injury being more serious, and his face a clot of blood from the cutlass-wound over his nose, the doctor turned to him at once and plastered him up for dear life; after which his friends, well knowing that a price would be set on him as skipper of the Black Joke, carried him off to St. Austell in a cart that had been brought for the tubs; and at St. Austell hired a chaise to carry him home to Marazion, taking the precaution to wrap his head round with bandages, so that the post-boys might not be able to swear to his looks.
    "Merry-Garden and Other Stories"
    Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

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