What is another word for yearbooks?

Pronunciation: [jˈi͡əbʊks] (IPA)

Yearbooks are an essential part of school life, capturing and preserving the memories of students, staff, and faculty. Besides the common term "yearbook," there are several other synonyms used to describe these memory-keeping tools. Some of the popular alternatives to yearbooks include "annuals," "graduation books," "memory books," "school chronicles," "commemorative volumes," and "memory albums." Call them what you may, these books are a valuable archive of school life that people cherish for years to come. Regardless of their name, yearbooks remain a timeless tradition that encapsulates the memories of school days and reminds us of the moments that matter.

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Usage examples for Yearbooks

That revolving bookcase by the desk, the circular kind he had always wanted, and in it the books he liked to have at hand-Montaigne and Don Quixote, Shakespeare and Shelley and Swinburne, the Encyclopedia, the statistical yearbooks; on top, his favorites among the magazines.
"The Second Generation"
David Graham Phillips

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