What is another word for annual?

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[ ˈanjuːə͡l], [ ˈanjuːə‍l], [ ˈa_n_j_uː_əl]

Synonyms for Annual:

eastern poison oak (adjective) almanac (noun) chronicle (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) list (noun) publication (noun) eastern poison oak Other synonyms: yearly

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Rhymes for Annual:

  1. manual;

Quotes for Annual:

  1. Since the outbreak of war, there has been in our country a steady increase in the consumption of spirits, wine and beer. It is estimated that in dollar volume, the annual outlay is now practically double what it was before the war. William Lyon Mackenzie King.
  2. Nowadays it would be reasonable to have an annual world championship. Boris Spassky.
  3. Always you find that the more decisive event wins so my father's sort of annual decisiveness which came upon him on the Day of Atonement every year, he suddenly remembered that he was Jewish. Janet Suzman.