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Annual is a word that refers to something that occurs once every year. However, sometimes we might want to use a different word to convey the same meaning. This is where synonyms come in. Some synonyms for annual include yearly, once-a-year, yearly recurring, and annualized. These words all refer to something that occurs once every year. Other synonyms for annual might include commemorative, celebratory, or traditional, but these words might not always specifically refer to something that occurs every year. Choosing the right synonym to use depends on the context in which it is being used and the specific meaning that is being conveyed.

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How to use "Annual" in context?

Some words about the word annual. Annual means happening once a year. It's derived from the Latin word annus meaning year. Annuals are plants, animals, and other objects that live for one year and then die. The word annual is also used in the calendar to refer to the months in a year.

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