What is another word for Journals?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈɜːnə͡lz] (IPA)

Journals are an essential tool for recording and tracking personal or professional development, thoughts, and ideas. However, sometimes the word "journals" may be too specific or limiting in meaning. In such cases, alternative synonyms can be used for greater clarity or variation in expression. Some examples of synonyms for journals include "notebooks", "diaries", "logs", "accounts", "memoirs", "chronicles", "registers", "annals", "records", "archives", and "catalogues". Each of these words carries its own implication and usage, and choosing the right one depends on context and purpose. By expanding the vocabulary options for journals, one can communicate more effectively and creatively.

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Usage examples for Journals

To my great surprise that speech was quoted in Journals, of all shades of opinion, in the country, and brought me also a vast correspondence.
"The Operatic Problem"
William Johnson Galloway
Numbers of socialist Journals began to appear, and a general congress of working men, held at Havre in 1880, adopted a programme modelled on the lines of that of the German Social Democrats, and made preparations for an active propaganda and organization.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
All these Chicago Journals aided me more or less in getting up an agitation in Illinois, besides a multitude of other papers throughout that State too numerous to mention.
"Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity"
Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard

Famous quotes with Journals

  • I finally know what distinguishes man from other beasts financial worries. - Journals
    Jules Renard

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