What is another word for logbooks?

Pronunciation: [lˈɒɡbʊks] (IPA)

Logbooks are important documents that record significant events, activities, or transactions. However, there are other ways to refer to these records apart from logbooks. Some common synonyms for logbooks include journals, diaries, ledgers, registers, records, notebooks, and chronicles. The term journal typically refers to a daily record of events while a diary is more personal and reflective. Ledgers and registers are commonly used in accounting for financial transactions. Records and notebooks are more general terms for documenting information. Chronicles are usually associated with historical events that are recorded in a detailed and chronological manner. Regardless of the term used, these documents provide crucial information for future reference and analysis.

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Usage examples for Logbooks

The simple entries in the Endeavour's logbooks, to the sailor who reads them, tell far better than the fine writing of Dr. Hawkesworth the difficulties which Cook laboured under on this voyage.
"The Naval Pioneers of Australia"
Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery
Among the intensely interesting treasures of this museum are the logbooks of the Royal Navy, and dispatches from Marlborough, Wellington, and others.
"John and Betty's History Visit"
Margaret Williamson
"Well, according to the logbooks, I'm an Expert Class Two, Metals-Fatigue," said Ringg.
"The Colors of Space"
Marion Zimmer Bradley

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