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An almanac is a book containing data and information about the year ahead. It is a yearly reference guide and can include information such as weather forecasts, tide tables, planting schedules, and astronomical events. Some synonyms for the word almanac include guidebook, handbook, annual planner, calendar, and compendium. A common synonym for the word almanac is calendar, as it often includes a calendar of dates, holidays, and events. A compendium is a synonym that emphasizes the comprehensive nature of the almanac, suggesting that it contains a vast amount of information. Regardless of the synonym used, an almanac remains a valuable reference tool for individuals seeking information and guidance on the year ahead.

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Almanac is a traditional, county-based, yearly publication that lists births, deaths, marriages, military engagements, and economic activity in different parts of the United States. The publication is also used as a source of social history, as reflected in its entries on prominent people, places, and events. The first almanacs were published in 1678 in England and 1683 in the United States.

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