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[fˈaʃən], [fˈaʃən], [f_ˈa_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Fashion:

fashion (noun)

chicness, convention, coordination, dapperness, decorousness, decorum, fanciness, nattiness, rakishness, ritziness, savoir-faire, showiness, slickness, smartness, snappiness, stylishness, vogue.

prepare (verb)

arrange, compose, construct, curry, develop, devise, draft, dress, equip, fabricate, fit, formulate, foster, furnish, make, marshal, mobilize, outfit, prepare, prime, ready, set.

Other synonyms and related words:

Goth, Mo, acclimate, acclimatize, accommodate, accustom, adapt, adherents, adjust, aesthetic form, affectation, agency, agree, air, algorithm, alter, anatomy, angle, apparel, appearance, approach, archetype, architectonics, architecture, arrangement, array, art form, artificial, aspect, assemble, assuage, attack, attire, attitude, bandwagon, bear, bearing, beat, beau monde, bedizenment, beget, behavior, blank, block out, bon ton, boom, brand, build, building, buzz, carriage, carve, carve out, cast, catalyze, category, catwalk, change, character, chic, chip, chisel, circle, class, classification, classy, clique, clothes, clothing, codify, coin, collection, command of language, common, common practice, complexion, composition, compound, conceive, concoct, configuration, configure, conform, conformation, conformity, constitute, constitution, construction, consuetude, contour, contrive, conventionalism, conventionality, convert, cook up, costume, coterie, counterfeit, course, courtly, couturier, craft, craze, crazed, create, creation, cry, cult, cultism, culture, cultus, current, current custom, custom, cut, dash, delicate, delineate, demeanor, denomination, dernier cri, description, design, device, devotees, dignity, direction, disciples, do, dominant, drapery, draw up, dream up, dressed, dressing, dressy, drift, duds, dustoor, edit, effect, efform, eidolon, elaborate, elan, elbow room, elegance, elegant, elevate, elite, engender, engrave, enthusiasm, erect, established way, etiquette, evolve, exaggeration, excogitate, express, expression, expression of ideas, expressive style, extrude, fabric, fabrication, facet, faction, fad, faddism, fake, fake up, fancy, farcy, fascination, fashionable, fashionable society, fashioning, fashionista, fatigues, favorite, favourite, feather, feathers, feature, feeling for words, fetch, fig, figuration, figure, fix, flair, flavor, folkway, followers, forge, forging, form, form of speech, formality, formalize, format, formation, formula, found, frame, framework, fudge together, furor, furore, gain, gait, garb, garment, garments, gear, general, general mood, generate, generic class, genre, gentility, genus, geometry, gestalt, get, getup, give form to, give shape to, go, good taste, gorgeous, grace of expression, graceful, grade, grandiloquence, grave, group, guise, habiliment, habit, habituate, habitude, hack, hammer, hammer out, heritage, hew, high life, high society, hit, house, how, however, idiom, image, imagine, imago, immemorial usage, impression, in fashion, in vogue, inaugurate, incise, incorporate, indite, inflation, initiate, inner form, instrumentation, invent, investiture, investment, kidney, kind, knead, knock together, label, last word, latest, latest thing, lay out, layout, let, level, lick into shape, light, likeness, line, line of action, line of conduct, lineaments, linen, lines, literary style, literary works, locution, look, magnet, make known, make up, makeup, making, mania, mannequin, manner, manner of speaking, manner of working, mannered, mannerism, manners, manufacture, map out, mark, matrix, mature, mean, means, meet, method, methodology, mien, mint, mix, modal value, modality, mode, mode of expression, mode of operation, mode of procedure, model, moderately, modernism, modify, modish, modishness, modus, modus operandi, mold, molding, mood, mores, motif, mould, moulder, mouldy, musical mode, name, nevertheless, new, new look, newest wrinkle, newfangled, nonetheless, observance, obsession, order, organic structure, organism, organization, organize, originate, outline, panache, patch together, path, pattern, patterning, peculiarity, period, personal manner, personal style, phase, phasis, phraseology, physique, piece together, plan, plasmature, plot, polite, polite society, popular, popularity, port, practice, practises, praxis, precedent, predominant, prefabricate, prescription, prevailing, prevailing taste, prevalence, procedure, proceeding, process, produce, production, proper thing, prototype, put, put into shape, put out, put together, quality, rag, rage, rags, raiment, raise, rave, rear, recipe, reconcile, reference, refined, regard, regimen, remodel, render, reshape, resource, respect, rhetoric, rife, ritual, robes, room, rough out, roughcast, roughhew, routine, rule, scheme, school, sculp, sculpt, sculpture, sect, seeming, semblance, sensation, sense of language, set up, setup, shape, shaping, side, significant form, simulacrum, sketch, skew field, slant, so, social convention, society, sop, sort, spawn, special, species, spirt, splendid, sportswear, spurt, square, stamp, standard behavior, standard operating procedure, standard usage, standing, standing custom, state, stereotype, stir, strain, strategize, strategy, stretch, stripe, structure, structuring, style, stylish, stylistic analysis, stylistics, stylus, suit, swim, system, tack, tactics, tailor, tailoring, taste, tastefulness, technic, technique, tectonics, tendency, tenor, texture, the go, the in thing, the last word, the latest thing, thermoform, thing, think up, threads, throw together, time-honored practice, tissue, togs, toilette, ton, tone, total effect, tradition, trend, trick, trigger, trim, turn, twig, twist, type, upraise, uprear, usage, usance, use, usual, variety, vein, version, vestment, vesture, view, viewpoint, votaries, warp and woof, way, way of life, ways, wear, wearing apparel, weave, web, what is done, whereby, whittle, whomp up, why, winner, wire mould, wise, withal, wont, wonting, work, work out, work up into, world, write, yet.

Rhymes for Fashion:

  1. ration, passion, ashen;
  2. impassion, compassion;

Quotes for Fashion:

  1. The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates. Dave Barry.
  2. Further, for once, I like the idea that people who think I'm a constant voice for the furthering of the imagination have to see that interest in a more materialistic fashion Peter Sotos.
  3. I have never gone out of fashion And do you know why? Because I never sought it. When you don't seek it, it's always with you. Bonnie Tyler.

Idioms of Fashion:

  1. fashion sth into sth;
  2. come into fashion
  3. after the fashion of;