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[dɪvˈɛləp], [dɪvˈɛləp], [d_ɪ_v_ˈɛ_l_ə_p]

Synonyms for Develop:

age (verb)

age, decline, deteriorate, endure, grow old, last, mature, mellow, ripen, season.

begin (verb)

begin, birth, bud, commence, conceive, create, dawn, embark, emerge, form, germinate, hatch, inaugurate, induct, initialize, initiate, introduce, originate, prepare, spring, sprout, start, stem, undertake.

create (verb)

build, construct, fabricate, formulate, generate, invent, make, produce.

ensue (verb)

approach, destine, ensue, eventuate, follow, impend, result.

expand (verb)

amplify, augment, broaden, burgeon, dilate, distend, engorge, enlarge, expand, extend, fatten, grow, increase, increment, inflate, lengthen, magnify, spread, stretch, swell, thicken, widen.

occur (verb)

arise, befall, happen, occur, transpire.

prepare (verb)

arrange, compose, curry, devise, draft, dress, equip, fashion, fit, foster, furnish, marshal, mobilize, outfit, prime, ready, set.

produce (verb)

cultivate, execute, father, manufacture, mother.

Other synonyms and related words:

Enroot, Masonry, Outstretch, abet, absorb, account, account for, accrue, accumulate, achieve, acquire, act, act one's age, actualize, actuate, add to, addition, adopt, advance, advancement, affect, afflict, aggrandise, aggrandize, aggrandizement, aid, aim, alter, amaze, ameliorate, amend, ample, appear, appreciate, apprentice, arm, arrest, arrive, articulate, ascend, assemblage, assemble, assembly, asset, assist, assume, attain, attain majority, attend, attire, augmentation, baby, back, baffle, balloon, bankrupt, bare, be converted into, be derived, be disclosed, be discovered, be divulged, be established, be exposed, be found, be one's age, be produced, be revealed, be shown, be uncovered, be unearthed, be unveiled, bear, bear fruit, beat, beautify, become, become apparent, become established, become fractured, become greater, become infected with, become known, become larger, become manifest, become of, become set, become settled, become wealthy, beget, benefit, betide, betoken, better, bewilder, blaze the trail, bloat, block out, bloom, blossom, blossoming, blow up, blueprint, bob up, bone, bone up, book, boom, boost, born, bound, bourgeon, branch out, brandish, breach, break, break away, break down, break off, break out, break the seal, break through, break-in, breathe, breed, brew, brief, bring, bring about, bring forth, bring forward, bring into being, bring into existence, bring into view, bring on, bring out, bring to fruition, bring to light, bring to maturity, bring to notice, bring to perfection, bring up, bristle, brokerage, broking, brood, bugger off, build up, building, bulk, bulk out, bump, burden, burst, business, bust, buzz off, call into being, can, cannibalize, capacity, capture, care for, carry, carry on, carry out, carve, cast, catalyze, catch, cause, cause to grow, cave in, centralise, centralize, chance, change, check, cherish, civilise, civilize, clarify, climb, climb up, coach, coddle, codify, coin, collapse, come, come about, come apart, come down with, come forth, come of, come of age, come off, come on, come out, come round to, come to, come to light, come to maturity, come to pass, come up, come up with, communicate, complete, conceal, concoct, condition, conk out, consolidate, constitute, construction, continue, contract, contrive, convert, convey, cook, cook up, coordinate, crack, crack-up, cram, crescendo, crop up, crown, culminate, damage, damp, dampen, dangle, decentralise, decentralize, deck out, deck up, declare, decrease, dedifferentiate, deduce, deepen, define, deindustrialize, delineate, democratise, democratize, demonstrate, demote, denationalize, derive, derive from, descant, descend, descend from, design, detail, development, devolve, die, direct, disadvantage, discipline, disclose, discontinue, discourse, discover, disentangle, dismask, display, distil, diversify, divulge, do to perfection, do well, dovetail, dramatise, dramatize, draw, draw out, draw the veil, draw up, dream up, dress up, drill, drive, dumbfound, edify, educate, educe, elaborate, elevate, emanate, embarrass, embellish, embody, emend, emerge as, emphasize, enact, encourage, end, end up, engender, engineer, enhance, enlarge on, enlarge upon, enlargement, enlighten, enrich, enunciate, erect, erupt, escalate, establish, evidence, evince, evolute, evolution, evolve, evolve into, exaggerate, excogitate, exercise, exhibit, expand on, expatiate, expatiate on, expatiate upon, experience, explain, explicate, exploit, expose, expose to view, express, extract, extreme, extricate, extrude, fail, fall apart, fall in, fall into, fall out, fall sharply, fancy up, fare, fare well, farm, feature, fecundate, federate, fetch, fetch up, fig out, fig up, fill in the details, fill out, find, finish, fix, flare, flare-up, flaunt, fledge, flesh, flesh out, float, flourish, flourishing, flow, flower, flowering, flummox, fly, focus, focus on, foretell, forge, fortification, fortify, forward, found, founder, fracture, frame, fructify, function, further, gain, gain ground, gain strength, gather, gear up, generate gradually, get, get ahead, get along, get around, get better, get out, get under way, get well, gird, give, give being to, give birth to, give out, give rise, give rise to, give sign, give token, give up, give way, glean, glide into, go, go against, go ahead, go bad, go down with, go forward, go great guns, go in for, go into, go into detail, go on, go up, graduate, gravel, greaten, grind, grind away, groom, grow better, grow into, grow rich, grow up, growth, gussy up, hap, harden, have, headway, heighten, heightening, help, hide, highlight, hike, hike up, hold on, house-train, housebreak, huff, hypertrophy, illapse, illuminate, illustrate, imagine, impart, impregnate, improve, improvise, incarnate, incubate, inculcate, incur, indicate, indoctrinate, induce, industrialize, infect, inform, infract, inhibit, inspire, inspirit, institute, instruct, intense, intensify, intermit, internationalize, interpret, interrupt, invade, invest, irritate, issue, jump, keep alive, kick downstairs, kick off, kin, labor, lapse, large, larn, launch, lay, lay bare, lay down, lay open, lay out, learn, leave immediately, leave the nest, let, let daylight in, let on, let out, lick into shape, lift, light, line, live, look after, look up, loom up, luxuriate, machinate, make children, make clear, make conspicuous, make do, make do with, make good, make grow, make headway, make it, make noticeable, make one's fortune, make one's pile, make plain, make productive, make progress, make strides, make up, manage, manifest, manifest itself, map out, master, mastermind, materialise, materialize, maturate, may, mean, mechanize, meliorate, melt, mend, merge into, metamorphose, metastasize, minister to, mint, modernise, modernize, mould, mount, move up, move upward, mug up, multiply, mushroom, mystify, narrate, nationalize, nonplus, nurse, nurture, obtain, offend, open, open into, open up, organise, organize, outgrow, outgrowth, outline, outpace, outspread, overcome, overdevelop, overdress, overgrow, overhaul, overtop, pad, pamper, pan out, pap, parade, part, particularize, pass, pass into, patronize, pause, pay back, pay off, perfect, perform, perk up, perplex, photograph, phrase, pioneer, plague, plan, plot, polish, pose, possess, practice, practises, predispose, present, preserve, prevent completion, print, proceed, proceed from, proceed out of, process, procreate, profit, progenerate, progress, proliferate, promote, propagate, prosper, prostrate, prove, prove to be, puff, puff up, pull together, pullulate, pump, pump up, put in tune, put out, put to school, put together, puzzle, rabid, rail, raise, raise the curtain, ramify, ramp up, range, rarefy, rate, raw, reach, reach manhood, reach twenty-one, reach voting age, realize, realize the potential, rear, rebel, receive, reconstruct, reconstruction, recount, recover, recrudesce, redevelop, reduce, refine, rehearse, rehearse in extenso, relapse, relate at large, relegate, render larger, repel, represent, reproduce, repulse, resolve itself into, result from, resume, resurrect, retake, retrain, return, reunify, reunite, reveal, revise, revolt, rig out, ripe, ripen into, rise, rise up, roll out, roofing, root, ruin, ruin completely, run into, sanction, sap, scale up, school, scram, seem, send to school, separate, set about, set forth, set out, set up, settle down, settle into, shape, shape-up, shew, shift, shoot, shoot up, show, show forth, show improvement, show up, sicken, sire, sketch, skyrocket, slide into, smash, snap off, snowball, soften, sophisticate, spawn, spin, spin off, split, split up, spotlight, sprawl, spread out, spring from, spring up, sprout up, spud, start in, start out, state, stem from, stick, stimulate, stop, straighten, strengthen, strike out, strip bare, structural, stuff, stupefy, succeed, suffer, sufflate, summarize, support, surface, sustain, sweeten, swot up, take, take aim, take form, take in hand, take off, take on, take place, take root, take shape, take the lead, teach, tell, temper, tend, terminate, think out, think up, thrash, thrive, throttle, tog out, tog up, toga virilis, token, toughen, tower, trail, train, transgress, transmit, treat, trick out, trick up, trigger, trot out, true, tumefy, turn, turn into, turn to, turn up, tutor, uncloak, uncoil, uncommon, uncover, uncurl, undergo, undergo a change, undergo breaking, undergo maturation, undrape, unfold, unfurl, unkennel, unlearn, unload, unmask, unpack, unravel, unroll, unscreen, unsheathe, unshroud, untangle, untwine, untwist, unveil, unwind, unwrap, upgrade, uprise, upshoot, upspear, upspring, upsprout, upswing, uptrend, vegetate, vex, violate, wave, wax, weaken, wear, wear out, whip into shape, win, word, work, work out, work up, write up, yield, yield fruit, youth.

Rhymes for Develop:

  1. envelop;
  2. redevelop;

Quotes for Develop:

  1. The kind of pace that you want to use in a Western- just to acknowledge the land in the distance that everyone has to travel, and the way things develop sort of slowly- it's almost the antithetical of what's currently going on in the movies, you know. Lawrence Kasdan.
  2. So uncritically do we accept the idea of property in culture that we don't even question when the control of that property removes our ability, as a people, to develop our culture democratically. Lawrence Lessig.
  3. You must develop personal contacts if you want to be successful. Armstrong Williams.

Idioms of Develop:

  1. develop from sm or sth ( into sm or sth);