What is another word for aphasic?

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Aphasia is a condition that occurs when an individual has difficulty with language, including speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. There are several synonyms for the term aphasic, which include language-impaired, speech-deficient, communication-disordered, and linguistically-challenged. These terms are often used interchangeably with aphasic to describe individuals who struggle with different aspects of language. While the synonyms are useful in describing the condition, it is important to remember that aphasia is a complex disorder that affects each person differently and requires individualized treatment. With appropriate intervention, individuals with aphasia can improve their language skills and regain independence in their daily lives.

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How to use "Aphasic" in context?

People with anaphasic disorders are unable to process or store information. Examples of anaphasic disorders include amnesia, visual impairment, and aphasia. People with anaphasic disorders often have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, or understanding language. Some people with anaphasic disorders also have difficulty processing information or recalling information.

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