What is another word for dumbfounded?

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[ d_ˈʌ_m_f_aʊ_n_d_ɪ_d], [ dˈʌmfa͡ʊndɪd], [ dˈʌmfa‍ʊndɪd]

Synonyms for Dumbfounded:

astonished (adjective) Other synonyms:

Quotes for Dumbfounded:

  1. I'm dumbfounded but nothing surprises me in this game. Francis Lee.
  2. I never cease being dumbfounded by the unbelievable things people believe. Leo Rosten.
  3. The teacher that I was for decades, and that I still am in a certain way, wondered what was meant by the word education. I was truly dumbfounded at the very thought of dealing with such an essential and extensive subject. Abdoulaye Wade.