What is another word for inviolable?

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The word inviolable means something that is incapable of being infringed or violated. Synonyms to inviolable include sacred, untouchable, indestructible, unimpeachable, absolute, and unassailable. These words connote a sense of steadfastness, trustworthiness, and safety. Other synonyms of inviolable include immutable, impregnable, impervious, steadfast, secure, and impenetrable. These words indicate an impenetrable barrier that offers complete protection from any danger. Inviolable is used to describe something that is deeply revered or considered untouchable, like the sanctity of human life, the laws of nature, or the rules of ethical behavior.

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How to use "Inviolable" in context?

Most people would consider something that is inviolable to be totally protected from harm or destruction. This might be the case with something like a sacred object or place, or something that is important to a person or culture. Something that is inviolable is usually something that cannot be violated or touched in any way.

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