What is another word for interests?

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Interests refers to the things that one enjoys, cares about or are passionate about. Synonyms for interests include hobbies, pursuits, pastimes, avocations, activities, passions, fascinations, hobbies, inclinations, and likings. Hobbies refer to leisure activities that people engage in for pleasure, such as reading, painting, or collecting. Pursuits refer to activities or goals that one desires or seeks to attain. Pastimes refer to enjoyable activities that help in relaxing or mentally refreshing oneself. Avocations are hobbies that people pursue with great interest and dedication, often as a second job. Activities refer to things that one does for personal enjoyment or recreation. Passions refer to strong and intense emotions that one has for certain things or ideas. Fascinations refer to things that generate great interest or attention in a person. Inclinations refer to natural tendencies or preferences people have towards certain things.

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    How to use "Interests" in context?

    Interests are things that somebody is passionate about. They are things that make them happy and bring them joy. People have different interests and these can vary person to person. Some people are interested in the arts, some in sports, and others in science. There is no one right way to be interested in things, and that is what makes it so interesting.

    There are many things that can be considered interests. Anyone can have an interest in anything. Some people have a general interest in many things, and others have very specialized interests. There is no wrong way to be interested in things, and that is what makes it so interesting.

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