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Pruning involves the careful cutting and trimming of trees, bushes or plants to maintain their health and growth. Synonyms for pruning include trimming, cutting back, shearing, snipping, clipping, lopping, topping, and shaping. Trimming involves the removal of small and overgrown parts of a plant, whereas cutting back usually refers to more aggressive pruning. Shearing involves using scissors or pruning tools to remove the excess growth of the plant. Snipping involves the cutting of small branches or flowers, and clipping is usually done to keep hedges and bushes in shape. Lopping is the removal of larger branches, while topping involves cutting the top of a plant to control its height. Shaping refers to the pruning of plants to create specific shapes, such as topiaries.

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Pruning is an important and necessary gardening activity. Proper pruning can help to shape and canopy your plants, and direct their energy where it is needed most. These are the three most common reasons for pruning:

1. To direct the growth of branches and plants to produce the shape, size, and structure you desire.

2. To remove dead, diseased, or damaged limbs, branches, and twigs.

3. To open up the plant so that more light can reach its lower parts and root system.

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