What is another word for fall off?

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"Fall off" is a common phrase that refers to something decreasing in amount or quality. Fortunately, there are plenty of synonyms that can be used to convey the same meaning. For instance, "decline" is a great word to use when something starts to deteriorate or weaken. "Diminish" is also a good synonym, since it implies that something is becoming less important or significant. Meanwhile, "slip" is a great word to use when someone's performance starts to wane, while "plummet" is a great synonym to indicate that something is rapidly falling to a lower level. Other synonyms for "fall off" include "wane", "lapse", and "depreciate". Ultimately, the word you choose to use will depend on the context in which you are using it.

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    Fall is a wonderful time of year, filled with memories of autumn festivities and cooler days ahead. Fall also heralds change, both in the way the days grow shorter and in the type of wildlife that comes out to play. One change that can affect homeowners is a fall off in the amount of water that runs through the ground. This occurs when the ground is saturated and can lead to problems with water drainage. If left untreated, a fall off in water flow can cause poor drainage, sinking soil, and even flooding.

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