What is another word for putrefaction?

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Putrefaction is the process of decaying organic matter, often resulting in a foul odor. Synonyms for putrefaction include decay, decomposition, rot, spoilage, and deterioration. Other related words include corruption, degradation, breakdown, disintegration, and decline. Putrefaction is often associated with the decomposition of animal flesh, but it can also refer to the breakdown of plant matter, sewage, or other organic materials. In biology, putrefaction is a type of autolysis, where enzymes break down the body's tissues after death. Synonyms for putrefaction are useful in discussing topics such as food spoilage, waste management, and forensic science.

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How to use "Putrefaction" in context?

The process of putrefaction is what happens when an organic material, like a corpse, decomposes. The process of putrefaction is a result of bacterial and fungal activity. These bacteria and fungi break down the proteins, lipids, and other molecules in the dead body, turning them into molecules known as acids and ammonia. These acids and ammonia irritate the skin and lungs, and cause unpleasant odor. In colder climates, the body can also rot faster due to the activity of microorganisms that hasten decomposition.

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