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An enema is a medical procedure that involves the insertion of fluid into the rectum and lower bowel through the anus. It's used to facilitate the evacuation of stools, treat constipation, and other medical conditions. In medical jargon, the term "enema" is commonly used, but several synonyms can be used instead. Some of these synonyms include bowel cleanse, intestinal irrigation, colon hydrotherapy, rectal infusion, and colon cleansing. Each of these words can be used interchangeably to refer to the same procedure, and they all describe the act of flushing the rectum with a liquid to clean or stimulate bowel activity.

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    Enema is a procedure used to clean out the bowels and aid in defecation. The enema is usually given through the anus, and a mixture of water and solids (such as soap) are used to fill the rectum and rectum to the point of discomfort. The mixture is then poured through a tubes into the anus.

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