What is another word for alternative medicine?

Pronunciation: [ɔːltˈɜːnətˌɪv mˈɛdsən] (IPA)

Alternative medicine is a term that encompasses a wide range of non-traditional healing practices. However, with the growing acceptance of alternative therapies, new terms have emerged to describe them. Here are some synonyms for alternative medicine: 1. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) 2. Integrative medicine 3. Holistic medicine 4. Natural medicine 5. Traditional medicine 6. Eastern medicine 7. Mind-body therapies 8. Energy medicine 9. Herbal medicine 10. Non-conventional medicine While these terms may differ in their emphasis and meaning, they all point to the same idea ― alternative medicine is a viable and important form of healing that can complement conventional Western medicine. Whether you prefer CAM, naturopathy, or energy healing, there is an alternative approach that can work for you.

Synonyms for Alternative medicine:

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Famous quotes with Alternative medicine

  • If a piece of 'alternative medicine' can be shown to work reliably, it ceases to become alternative. It just becomes medicine.
    Derren Brown

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