What is another word for analgesic?

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Analgesics are medicines that help manage pain, and they come in different shapes and forms. To avoid repetitive use of this word, some synonyms can come in handy. For example, you can use "pain relievers" to refer to medicines that help reduce or get rid of pain. Alternatively, you can also use "painkillers" to describe analgesics that numb the sensation of pain. If you're trying to be more specific, you may also use terms like "nerve blocks," "anti-inflammatory drugs," and "opioids." Overall, having a variety of synonyms for analgesic can make your writing more concise, diverse, and impactful, especially when referencing pain management in healthcare.

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Analgesic (from ancient Greek ἀναλγητικός, analgētickós, "relieving") is a drug or treatment that reduces the chronic pain caused by various diseases and conditions, such as arthritis. Examples of analgesics include codeine, morphine, and aspirin. Fewer drugs have specific analgesic effects, but acupuncture and massage also may be analgesics.

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