What is another word for Laving?

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Laving is a term that refers to the act of washing or dipping in water. Some synonyms for laving are bathing, cleansing, soaking, and rinsing. Other similar terms include immersing, submerging, flooding, drenching, and splashing. These words have varying degrees of intensity and are used in different contexts. Bathing and cleansing, for example, are commonly associated with personal hygiene and cleaning, while soaking and rinsing are used in reference to fabrics or objects. Whatever the situation may be, using synonyms for the word laving can help make language more interesting and descriptive.

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    What are the hypernyms for Laving?

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    Usage examples for Laving

    Phil wasn't there at the time; but he heerd it afterwards, and come up to the tent, as young Mr. Leslie was Laving it, and stood before him and wouldn't let him pass.
    "St. Patrick's Eve"
    Charles James Lever
    Am I Laving you dry like herrings in the hould?
    "Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon 1893"
    Hall Caine
    A huge boulder lay directly in the middle of the channel, and against this the current broke with fury, Laving its sides in foaming masses.
    "Popular Adventure Tales"
    Mayne Reid

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