What is another word for Eternities?

Pronunciation: [ɪtˈɜːnɪtiz] (IPA)

The word "eternities" refers to a lasting or infinite period of time. There are many synonyms that can be used to describe this concept, including "perpetuity," "infinity," "endlessness," "immortality," "timelessness," and "foreverness." Each of these words presents a slightly different perspective on the concept of infinite time, from the idea of something continuing without end to the notion of a state of existence beyond the boundaries of time itself. Whether you are writing poetry, creating artwork, or simply looking for ways to describe the magnitude of time, using these synonyms can help you convey the depth and importance of the concept of "eternities".

What are the hypernyms for Eternities?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Eternities

For man, constituted as he is, and placed in such an environment, it is a dangerous mental habit to train the soul to regard all things as a fleeting and monotonous show, to cultivate the taedium vitae, or a calm resignation to the littleness of man placed for a brief space between the two Eternities.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill
And oft did I turn me about to behold the dancing of the Great Light; for it was solemn to my spirit, even amid so much of Greatness and Eternity, to think upon that Flame, and to conceive that it had an utter age danced there at the foot of the Mighty Slope, unseen, through lonesome Eternities.
"The Night Land"
William Hope Hodgson
Perpetual contact with the world of to-day, with life as lived by women of her order, had created within her far other faiths, faiths in false gods, a natural inclination to bow the knee in the house of Rimmon rather than before the altars guarded by the Eternities.
"The Woman With The Fan"
Robert Hichens

Famous quotes with Eternities

  • Eternities before the first-born day, Or ere the first sun fledged his wings of flame, Calm Night, the everlasting and the same, A brooding mother over chaos lay.
    James Weldon Johnson
  • Read not the Times. Read the Eternities. Conventionalities are at length as bad as impurities. Even the facts of science may dust the mind by their dryness, unless they are in a sense effaced each morning, or rather rendered fertile by the dews of fresh and living truth. Knowledge does not come to us by details, but in flashes of light from heaven.
    Henry David Thoreau
  • One life; a little gleam of Time between two Eternities; no second chance to us for evermore!
    Thomas Carlyle
  • All Heaven, all Pandemonium are his escort. The stars keen-glancing, from the Immensities, send tidings to him; the graves, silent with their dead, from the Eternities. Deep calls for him unto Deep.
    Thomas Carlyle

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