What is another word for spans?

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The word "spans" refers to the distance between two points or the length of time that something covers. Other synonyms for "spans" include "range," "extent," "scope," "duration," "reach," "period," "distance," "spanning," "stretch," and "interval." These words can be used in various contexts, from measuring the length of a bridge to discussing the duration of a project. It's essential to choose the appropriate synonym based on the context to accurately convey the meaning of the sentence. Understanding synonyms for "spans" can help improve your vocabulary and make your writing more precise and engaging.

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    How to use "Spans" in context?

    When a bridge is built, it needs to have a certain width so that the vehicles can cross it. The width is called the "span."

    spans come in many different shapes and sizes. There are short spans, medium spans, and long spans. As the span gets longer, the weight of the bridge becomes more important.

    It is important to choose a span that is safe for the passengers and the drivers. The weight of the bridge must be able to support the weight of the vehicles.

    There are different types of bridges that use different spans.

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