What is another word for stark?

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Stark is an adjective that describes something that is harsh, bare, and plain. Synonyms for Stark include bleak, desolate, austere, severe, uncompromising, and raw. Bleak describes something that is barren and lacking in warmth; desolate describes something that is deserted and uninhabited; austere describes something that is simple and plain; severe describes something that is harsh and unyielding; uncompromising describes something that is inflexible and strict; while raw describes something that is unrefined and unprocessed. These synonyms for Stark can be used in different contexts to emphasize different aspects of the word's meaning, but they all share an essential element of starkness and simplicity.

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    Synonyms for Stark:

    How to use "Stark" in context?

    1. adjective

    1. Odious, unpleasant, or distasteful in appearance or character; harsh or brutal; as a stark contrast to the pretty house.

    2. Striking or remarkable for its simplicity or severity; as a stark solution to the problem.

    3. Extremely low in sugar or other sweeteners; not sweet.

    4. Unmixed or pure, as wool or ore.

    5. Unadorned or simple, as weapons or tools.

    6. Marked by utter simplicity or directness of purpose; as a stark declaration of intent.

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