What is another word for feasibility?

Pronunciation: [fˌiːzəbˈɪlɪti] (IPA)

When it comes to assessing whether something is possible or practical, different words can be used interchangeably with the term "feasibility". For instance, "viability", "practicability", "workability" and "realizability" can be used as synonyms for feasibility. Each of these words emphasizes a slightly different aspect of feasibility. "Viability" highlights the potential for success, while "practicability" emphasizes the ease or difficulty of accomplishing something. "Workability" emphasizes the practicality of a proposal, while "realizability" emphasizes the degree to which a plan can be carried out according to schedule, budget, and other practical constraints. Ultimately, using these synonyms can help us better understand whether a proposed solution, idea or project is realistic and achievable.

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Antonyms for the word "feasibility" refer to the opposite of the practicality or possibility of something. The antonyms for feasibility can include impossibility, impracticality, infeasibility, unlikelihood, and impossibleness. These words express the notion that a particular idea or project is not achievable or practical due to various factors such as lack of resources, time constraints, or technical constraints. In some cases, antonyms for feasibility may also refer to the lack of potential or inadequate consideration of the project's impact on the environment or society. Antonyms for feasibility highlight the limitations and challenges involved in pursuing certain endeavors, emphasizing the importance of thorough planning and assessment before investing time, effort, and resources.

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Usage examples for Feasibility

The War Department seems to have been impressed with the feasibility of this, and began ordering troops, officers and supplies to Fort Leavenworth to report to Brig.
"The Struggle for Missouri"
John McElroy
While his scientific eye had been riveted upon the processes of turpentine manufacture, on the number and kinds of food-fish inhabiting the shallows of the sea, and on the feasibility of turning Elbow Crook Swamp into a luxuriant market-garden, a finer vision-which he possessed in common with some others of us who belong to the masculine side of our species-had been occupied with the dainty yet commanding outline of Jessie Floyd's face; the saucy charm of her dark hair parted on one side; her novel, half-childish, yet imperious ways.
"True and Other Stories"
George Parsons Lathrop
That explanation by its feasibility was generally accepted as the simple solution of the mystery.
"The Hunt Ball Mystery"
Magnay, William

Famous quotes with Feasibility

  • The stadium expansion is currently at the feasibility stage and has to go through that.
    David Gill
  • Doubts raced through my mind as I considered the feasibility of enforcing a law which the majority of honest citizens didn't seem to want.
    Eliot Ness
  • The question of feasibility, the question of cost, the question of including partners elsewhere in the world, the question of the effect of this project on arms agreements - all these issues are in discussion.
    Gerhard Schroder
  • It is only the advent of an automated model storage facility or repository that brings any of this into the realm of feasibility and makes architecture a reality. It does not mean to suggest that all of these ideas will be immediately available in any particular repository product. It only means that they come into the realm of feasibility as repository technology becomes a reality.
    John Zachman
  • Big industry, and the limitless expansion of production which it makes possible, bring within the range of feasibility a social order in which so much is produced that every member of society will be in a position to exercise and develop all his powers and faculties in complete freedom. It thus appears that the very qualities of big industry which, in our present-day society, produce misery and crises are those which, in a different form of society, will abolish this misery and these catastrophic depressions. We see with the greatest clarity: (i) That all these evils are from now on to be ascribed solely to a social order which no longer corresponds to the requirements of the real situation; and (ii) That it is possible, through a new social order, to do away with these evils altogether.
    Friedrich Engels

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