What is another word for chiefly?

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Chiefly is a commonly used adverb that means mainly or mostly. However, there are other synonyms for chiefly that you can use in your writing to add variety and clarity. Some of these synonyms include primarily, predominantly, principally, largely and chiefly. These words convey the same meaning as chiefly but can help in avoiding repetition in your writing. For instance, instead of using the word 'chiefly' several times in the same sentence, you can alternate it with other words to make your writing more interesting and engaging. Whatever synonym you choose to use, ensure it fits the context of your sentence and doesn't change the meaning of the statement.

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    Chiefly has to do with chiefly what chiefly concerns itself. The word primarily means chiefly or principally of a kind, especially with regard to the subject matter or purpose. Primarily can also be used informally to mean the most important thing. Both meanings of chiefly are accurate, but chiefly is the more formal of the two.

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