What is another word for footling?

Pronunciation: [fˈʊtlɪŋ] (IPA)

Footling refers to something that is trivial or unimportant. As such, there are many synonyms that can be used in place of this word. For example, inconsequential, insignificant, trivial, or petty are all great substitutes. Likewise, words like frivolous, trifling, or superficial can be used in place of footling. Additionally, the word inconsequential can also be used in place of footling, as they both describe the same situation. Ultimately, no matter which synonym you choose to use, you can be confident that it will make your sentence more precise and descriptive, helping you to communicate more effectively.

Usage examples for Footling

He turned an eye of disgust on the vellum backs of his books in the closed Chippendale cases, on the drawers containing his collection of wall-papers, on the footling peacocks, on the curtains and cushions, on the veined ivory paper which, beginning to fade two years ago, now looked mean and meaningless.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
I do not hesitate to say that all our best lecturers have two or three old lectures at the back of every single point in their best new speeches; and this means that they have spent a certain number of years plodding away at footling little meetings and dull discussions, doggedly placing these before all private engagements, however tempting.
"The History of the Fabian Society"
Edward R. Pease
A year or two later, if he has any restlessness of intellect, he usually becomes a critic: he wants to know why there are not more brightly written tracts, explanatory of Socialism and suitable for the unconverted: he complains that the lectures are far less interesting than they used to be, that the debates are footling, the publications unattractive in appearance and too dull to read.
"The History of the Fabian Society"
Edward R. Pease

Famous quotes with Footling

  • "I'm sorry," Ethan said. "You have taught me something — maybe three things, rabbit footling mine. Three things will never be believed — the true, the probable, and the logical. I know now where to get the money to start my fortune."
    John Steinbeck
  • His example reduces most modern verse to footling whimsy.
    R. S. Thomas
  • Stark said wearily, “I don’t think you understand.” Normally he was tolerant of tribal fancies, but he felt no great tenderness for the Outdwellers. “The stars are already defiled. They’re only suns, like that one over your head. They have worlds around them, like this one under your feet. People live on those worlds, people who never heard of Outdwellers or their footling goddess. And the starships fly between them. It’s all going on out there, this second as you stand here, and nothing you can do will stop it.”
    Leigh Brackett

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