What is another word for lurking?

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When it comes to describing the act of lurking, there are several possible synonyms to choose from. One obvious option is the word "skulking," which captures the same sense of sneaking or hiding in wait. Other options might include "lounging," "loitering," or "lolling," which imply a more relaxed and casual form of observation. For a more sinister connotation, one might use "creeping," "sneaking," or "slinking," all of which suggest a more calculated and stealthy approach. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the intended tone and context of the particular piece of writing.

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How to use "Lurking" in context?

Although lurking may be seen as a predatory behavior, in the wild, it is the predator who is the one that is lurking. Lurking is a behavior exhibited by animals that occupy a position where they are undetected, but ready to pounce on their prey. Lurking can be seen in a wide variety of animals from primates to snakes. Lurking can also be seen in humans, where individuals may be in a position where they are not actively engaged with others, but are ready to pounce if the opportunity presents itself. Lurking can be used to ambush prey, or to keep an enemy under surveillance.

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