What is another word for piddling?

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Piddling is a word that means insignificant or trivial. Some synonyms for piddling are small, petty, inconsequential, and trivial. These words all mean something that is not important, but only one of them, inconsequential, implies that the thing is completely unimportant. Some other synonyms for piddling are trifling, paltry, and negligible. These words all mean something that is not worth much attention or effort. Piddling is often used to describe someone's behavior or actions, such as "He spent his entire day piddling around instead of doing something productive." Overall, piddling is a word that should only be used when something is truly unimportant or insignificant.

Related words: mean less, small amount, unimportant thing

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    How to use "Piddling" in context?

    When one thinks of the word "piddling,"images of small, insignificant things come to mind. To some, this word might conjure up thoughts of filling up a small dixie cup with water at a amusement park or tipping a parking meter. For others, it might be enough just to take a sip of their morning coffee without filling up their cup. Regardless, the definition of "piddling" is ultimately the same for everyone- it is a small amount of something.

    Small children are innocent in their pursuits, and often their play is viewed as nothing more than piddling.

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