What is another word for cursory?

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When describing something done quickly and without attention to detail, the word "cursory" may come to mind. However, there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably with this term. For instance, the word "perfunctory" describes something that is done as a matter of routine and without effort to improve it. "Hasty" implies an act is done hastily or without proper care, while "superficial" suggests that something is shallow or lacking in depth. "Rushed" and "brief" are additional synonyms for "cursory" that can be used to describe something done quickly and without sufficient time or effort.

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How to use "Cursory" in context?

The word "cursory" is defined as "done carelessly or without giving much attention." It can be used to describe a quick look, or a shallow understanding of something. Cursory reading can be a quick way to get information, but it doesn't provide enough detail to understand the situation. Cursory observations can be made without even looking, but they don't provide important information. A cursory examination might only identify the most obvious problems. A cursory thinker is not deeply involved in their thoughts, and they don't think carefully about what they're saying or doing.

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