What is another word for abject?

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[ ˈabd͡ʒɛkt], [ ˈabd‍ʒɛkt], [ ˈa_b_dʒ_ɛ_k_t]

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Quotes for Abject:

  1. We can't leave people in abject poverty, so we need to raise the standard of living for 80% of the world's people, while bringing it down considerably for the 20% who are destroying our natural resources. Jane Goodall.
  2. The loneliness you get by the sea is personal and alive. It doesn't subdue you and make you feel abject It's stimulating loneliness. Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
  3. Those who are believed to be most abject and humble are usually most ambitious and envious. Baruch Spinoza.