What is another word for abject?

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Abject is an adjective that describes a state of misery or hopelessness. Synonyms for abject include wretched, miserly, pitiful, lowly, hopeless, forlorn, and destitute. These adjectives are used to describe a person, their situation, or their state of mind. Their meanings range from describing someone who is poor, to describing someone who is completely without hope and feeling miserable. The use of these synonyms can add emotional depth and understanding to the text, while avoiding repetition of the same word. In addition to being adjectives to describe a person, these words can also describe a situation or an event.

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How to use "Abject" in context?

When we think of the word "abject," we might think of someone who is down on their luck or someone who is living in poverty. But the word "abject" has a much broader meaning, and can refer to anything that is unworthy or disgusting. For example, an object can be abject if it is ugly or in poor condition. A person can also be abject if they are ashamed or disgusted with themselves.

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