What is another word for slatternly?

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[ slˈatənli], [ slˈatənli], [ s_l_ˈa_t_ə_n_l_i]

"Slatternly" is an adjective used to describe an untidy, slovenly, or messy person. Some synonyms for "slatternly" that can be used to portray a similar meaning include "sloppy," "disheveled," "unkempt," "scruffy," and "slovenly." Other synonyms like "messy," "dirty," "untidy," and "disorganized" can also be used to describe someone whose appearance or habits are disorderly. Additionally, some related terms for "slatternly" might include "careless," "unconcerned," "indifferent," or "negligent." In general, replacing the use of "slatternly" with any of these synonyms can help to provide a more specific or nuanced description of someone's appearance or personality.

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    A slatternly woman is usually easily recognizable by her untidy appearance, wrinkled clothing, and lack of hygiene. This term has been used to describe women throughout history who have not taken the time to care for themselves. Slatternliness is often a reflection of a woman's lack of self-respect.

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