What is another word for good-humored?

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[ ɡˈʊdhjˈuːməd], [ ɡˈʊdhjˈuːməd], [ ɡ_ˈʊ_d_h_j_ˈuː_m_ə_d]

Synonyms for Good-humored:

How to use "Good-humored" in context?

When we think of good humor, we typically think of people who can make us laugh. However, there is also a kind of humor that is good-humored. Good-humored humor is friendly, empathetic and reassuring. It is a way to ease tensions and make people feel good. There are different components to good-humored humor. First, it is important to be aware of the different types of humor and how to deploy it. Second, it is important to know when to stop joking and when to be serious. Finally, good-humored humor requires skill and practice.

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