What is another word for accommodating?

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Accommodating is a word with a broad range of synonyms that convey aspects of hospitality, service, and flexibility. Some synonyms include obliging, helpful, considerate, courteous, and amiable. Other options include adaptable, pliant, and versatile, which suggest an ability to modify one's approach or environment to meet the needs of others. "Welcoming" and "friendly" convey a sense of open-heartedness and warmth, while "courteous" and "gracious" suggest a more formal, refined demeanor. Overall, the synonyms for "accommodating" reflect the social, emotional and logistical dimensions of creating an environment that is supportive and hospitable for all.

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    What are the opposite words for accommodating?

    Accommodating is a term used to describe someone who is willing to adjust to suit the needs or wants of others. The antonym for this word is unyielding. Unyielding means rigid, unaccommodating or uncompromising. It is used to describe someone who refuses to make concessions or adjust their ways to fit others' preferences. Another antonym for accommodating is inflexible. This term implies that the person is unwilling to bend or be adaptable in any way. They are not open to change or suggestions from others. In summary, the antonyms for accommodating describe people who are unwilling to compromise or adjust themselves for others.

    Usage examples for Accommodating

    The temple referred to is an extremely plain, unpretentious one, which is capable of accommodating twelve or fifteen hundred persons, and is generally visited by strangers in the city.
    "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
    Maturin M. Ballou
    But Warren proved himself admirably accommodating.
    "The Furnace"
    Rose Macaulay
    I am prepared for much accommodating of myself to whims in regard to food and kindred matters, but am I to endure levity for nine months?
    "The Pastor's Wife"
    Elizabeth von Arnim

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