What is another word for perky?

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Perky is the word that describes someone or something that is lively, cheerful, and energetic. When it comes to finding synonyms for the word perky, there are several options available. Some of the synonymous words for perky include lively, spirited, vivacious, peppy, buoyant, high-spirited, chipper, bright, and bubbly. Each of these words describes a vibrant energy that is contagious and infects those around it with positivity. A person who is perky is always in good spirits, and synonyms for the word only expand the feeling of positivity and enthusiasm. These words are perfect when describing someone or something that is full of life and energy.

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    Synonyms for Perky:

    How to use "Perky" in context?

    Perky is defined as cheerful and lively, though some might say that this adjective can be a little too consistent for its own good. Introduced into English in the early 1600s, perky originally meant "spritely lively," and later evolved to mean "full of liveliness and zest." Over time, though, the character of perky has shifted. While it initially represented a characteristic of temperament, now the word is often used to describe the qualities of things, such as perky pets or perky dressers. In spite of its usage, some might argue that perky can be a bit too commonplace.

    Homophones for Perky:

    • Pearcy, purkey, Perkey, pirkey.

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