What is another word for concordant?

Pronunciation: [kənkˈɔːdənt] (IPA)

Concordant is a word that refers to something that is in agreement or harmony. There are many synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning, such as consistent, compatible, coherent, congruous, and consonant. All of these words suggest a sense of unity or agreement between different elements or ideas. Other possible synonyms include harmonious, in accord, in sync, and in tune. Each of these terms can be used to describe a situation in which there is a general feeling of agreement or compatibility among different parties. Whether you choose to use one of these synonyms or another, the meaning of concordant remains the same.

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What are the opposite words for concordant?

Concordant, meaning in agreement or harmony, has several antonyms that describe the opposite of unity or accord. Discordant, meaning being in disagreement or lacking harmony, is the most fitting antonym of concordant. Another antonym is dissonant, meaning disagreeing or jarring to the senses. Incompatible, meaning incapable of coexisting in harmony is a synonym of discordant. Another antonym is conflicting, depicting opposing opposition between two or more people or things. Opposite, referring to having completely different relationships or contrasts, can also be used as an antonym for concordant. Finally, inconsistent, indicating a lack of logical coherence, can also be used as an antonym of concordant.

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Usage examples for Concordant

Witch meetings, as they were called, or congregated spirits or apparitions on the green, or in the pasture of the minister at Salem Village, are mentioned more frequently and with more particularity and concordant specifications, than would naturally be looked for if they had no basis on fact.
"Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism"
Allen Putnam
The second species is the bond of concordant Communion, calling forth, prior to the energy of speech, the gifts imparted by the Gods, and perfecting the whole of our operations prior to our intellectual conceptions.
"Esoteric Christianity, or The Lesser Mysteries"
Annie Besant
For their argumentative topic during confinement was Woman, when it was not Theology; and even off a yacht, those are subjects to kindle the utmost hatred of dissension, if men are not perfectly concordant.
"The Amazing Marriage, v3"
George Meredith Edition: 10 Language: English

Famous quotes with Concordant

  • Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant. From all things one and from one all things.
  • Complexity scientists concluded that there are just too many factors—both concordant and contrarian—to understand. And with so many potential gaps in information, almost nobody can see the whole picture. Complex systems have severe limits, not only to predictability but also to measurability. Some complexity theorists argue that modelling, while useful for thinking and for studying the complexities of the world, is a particularly poor tool for predicting what will happen.
    L. K. Samuels
  • Voltaire, who was both the flatterer and the satirist of despotism, took another line. His force lay in exposing and ridiculing the superstitions which priest-craft, united with state-craft, had interwoven with governments. It was not from the purity of his principles, or his love of mankind (for satire and philanthropy are not naturally concordant), but from his strong capacity of seeing folly in its true shape, and his irresistible propensity to expose it, that he made those attacks. They were, however, as formidable as if the motive had been virtuous; and he merits the thanks rather than the esteem of mankind.
    Thomas Paine

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