What is another word for clubby?

Pronunciation: [klˈʌbi] (IPA)

The word "clubby" references a feeling of closeness or intimacy, often associated with social circles or exclusive groups. Synonyms for this word may include "familiar," "chummy," "comradely," "friendly," "neighbourly," "homely," and "convivial." Other possible synonyms include "inclusive," "hearty," "cordial," and "affable." These words evoke a sense of warmth and approachability, suggesting an environment where people feel comfortable and at ease. Used in the context of a business or workplace, they can convey a sense of collaboration and connectedness between team members, potentially promoting a positive and productive working environment.

Synonyms for Clubby:

What are the hypernyms for Clubby?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for clubby?

Clubby is an adjective that describes a friendly and sociable atmosphere, often associated with an exclusive group. However, there are antonyms, or words with opposite meanings, to describe the opposite of clubby. Some of the antonyms for clubby include formal, distant, unfriendly, cold, unsociable, and standoffish. These words communicate a lack of warmth and closeness, reflecting an atmosphere that is not welcoming or inclusive. When describing a place or a group, using these antonyms can help to paint a picture that is the opposite of clubby, creating a sense of alienation and exclusion rather than camaraderie and belonging.

Usage examples for Clubby

Old Fishin' Teddy lifted his clubby brown hands in protest.
"The Reclaimers"
Margaret Hill McCarter
After another one of them clubby lunches?
"On With Torchy"
Sewell Ford
The foot predisposed to navicular disease is the strong, round, short-toed or clubby foot, open at the heels, with a sound frog jutting prominently out between them.
"Diseases of the Horse's Foot"
Harry Caulton Reeks

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