What is another word for countersink?

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Countersink is a word used in the engineering and woodworking world, which refers to creating a conical-shaped cavity or a flat-bottom hole on the surface of a material. This process is usually done to provide a flush surface for screws or bolts used in furniture assembly or machine building. Consequently, some synonyms for countersink include chamfer, ream, bore, seat, and sink. Chamfer refers to creating an angled cut or bevel on the edges of a material. Ream refers to enlarging or smoothing a hole by using a special tool called a reamer. Bore refers to drilling a hole in an object's center, while seat refers to making an indentation on a material's surface. Lastly, the sink means creating a cavity on a material's surface to accommodate a fastener.

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    The countersink bit is a commonly used tool in a woodworking workshop. It is a small, cylindrical tool with a flat bottom, used to create a countersink hole in a piece of wood. The countersink bit is held in the hand and turned with a rotary tool to create the hole. Countersink bits are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many different types of woods can be countersunk, including hardwoods, softwoods, and plywood.

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