What is another word for honoring?

Pronunciation: [ˈɒnəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

Honoring is a word that has several synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning. One such synonym is respecting, which refers to showing appreciation and admiration for someone or something. Another synonym is commemorating, which indicates the act of paying tribute to an important event or person. Celebrating is also a synonym for honoring, primarily used to refer to occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Additionally, the word recognizing is a synonym for honoring, which emphasizes acknowledging the achievements or contributions of someone or something. All these words convey a sense of admiration, reverence, and appreciation, making them perfect synonyms for the word honoring.

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What are the opposite words for honoring?

Antonyms for the word "honoring" often include words with negative connotations. Dishonoring can mean disrespecting or disregarding someone's values or beliefs. Insulting is another antonym that denotes a disrespectful or offensive behavior towards someone. Ignoring can also be an antonym for honoring and implies a lack of attention or recognition for someone. Neglecting is another negative antonym that means to fail to care for someone properly. Discrediting is an antonym that means to harm someone's reputation or credibility. Dishonesty and deception are also antonyms for honoring, implying a lack of integrity or trustworthiness. Overall, the antonyms for "honoring" depict negative and harmful behavior towards others.

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Usage examples for Honoring

In this bill you are honoring one, who in seeking funds for legitimate exploration, has passed the hat along the line of easy money for twenty years.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
Vienna has never had the reputation of honoring its great geniuses during their lifetime, unless they happened to belong to the higher nobility.
"Makers of Modern Medicine"
James J. Walsh
Great efforts were made to win her over, and to beat down Benton; the extreme pro-slavery men honoring him with a hatred more intense than that they harbored towards any Northerner.
"Thomas Hart Benton"
Theodore Roosevelt

Famous quotes with Honoring

  • America is stronger than ever. We will forever remember those we lost on September 11, 2001. In honoring their memory, we will remain true to our commitment to freedom and democracy.
    Evan Bayh
  • Every couple of seconds out here they're honoring somebody. You've got to get dressed, go in and sit down. Invariably somebody makes a speech.
    Dom DeLuise
  • It's been a strange day - a day when I thought I was on top of the world, planning my life. I planned all of my courses for the rest of the semester at Smith, and talked to my advisor about honoring in History.
    Julie Nixon Eisenhower
  • They're trying to tell us that we're not right, so we have to buy their products. The number one cause of mental illness is not knowing who you are and you can't know who you are if you don't spend time honoring yourself, and living in the present.
    Naomi Judd
  • You've just got to have a sense of respect for the person you have children with. Anger doesn't help anybody. Ultimately you have to say forgiveness is important, and honoring what you had together is important. But it's easy to say and harder to do.
    Nicole Kidman

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