What is another word for favoring?

Pronunciation: [fˈe͡ɪvəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

When it comes to finding synonyms for the term "favoring," there are plenty of options to choose from. Words such as supporting, endorsing, promoting, advocating, championing, and backing can all be used interchangeably in certain contexts. Additionally, words like preferential, partial, biassed, inclined, and slanted can be used to describe a preference or leaning towards something or someone. Context and intent are crucial factors when choosing the right synonym for favoring. Whether it is to lend support, recommend, or show preference, there is a wide range of words that can be used depending on the situation and the desired effect.

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What are the opposite words for favoring?

The antonyms for favoring are disfavoring, opposing, discouraging, hindering, and impeding. Disfavoring means to treat something or someone with disapproval or lack of favor. Opposing is used to describe when someone is actively against someone or something. Discouraging means to cause someone to lose confidence or enthusiasm. Hindering refers to obstructing or slowing down the progress or growth of something or someone. Impeding means to restrict or obstruct someone's progress or movement. These antonyms of favoring are helpful in understanding the opposite of support, aiding or promoting something or someone.

What are the antonyms for Favoring?

Usage examples for Favoring

It opened up a new era by showing that the origin of many diseases is not due to changes in the atmosphere nor to some morbid productivity of soil or water under favoring circumstances, but to minute living organisms whose multiplication is encouraged by the conditions that were supposed to produce disease.
"Makers of Modern Medicine"
James J. Walsh
Amongst the distinguished Europeans of the sixteenth century whom Dr. J.P. Smith mentions as either Atheists or favoring Atheism, were Paul Jovius, Peter Aretin, and Muretus.
"Theological Essays"
Charles Bradlaugh
The treaty was ratified in the Senate, nevertheless, all the old Southern States favoring it, and the only votes at any stage recorded against it being of four Western senators, coming respectively from Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Louisiana.
"Thomas Hart Benton"
Theodore Roosevelt

Famous quotes with Favoring

  • Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us. But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.
    John Dewey
  • Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us. But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.
    John Dewey
  • How much attention is paid to agreement between Galbraith and myself in opposing a draft and favoring an all-volunteer armed force, or in opposing tariffs and favoring free trade, or on a host of other issues? What is newsworthy is that Galbraith endorses wage and price controls, while I oppose them.
    Milton Friedman
  • An income tax intended to reduce inequality and promote the diffusion of wealth has in practice fostered reinvestment of corporate earnings, thereby favoring the growth of large corporations, inhibiting the operation of the capital market, and discouraging the establishment of new enterprises.
    Milton Friedman
  • Foundational to our exceptional nation’s sacred private property rights, a business must have freedom to locate where it wishes. In a free market, if a business makes a mistake (including a marketing mistake that perhaps Carrier executives made), threatening to move elsewhere claiming efficiency’s sake, then the market’s invisible hand punishes. Thankfully, that same hand rewards, based on good business decisions. But this time-tested truth assumes we’re operating on a level playing field. When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent. Meanwhile, the invisible hand that best orchestrates a free people’s free enterprise system gets amputated. Then, special interests creep in and manipulate markets. Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail.
    Sarah Palin

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