What is another word for under control?

Pronunciation: [ˌʌndə kəntɹˈə͡ʊl] (IPA)

When it comes to expressing the idea that a situation or an emotion is being managed or contained, there are plenty of synonyms for the phrase "under control". Some of these include: regulated, handled, restrained, tamed, subdued, curbed, governed, managed, contained, and grasped. Each of these words carries its own connotations and nuances, depending on the context in which they are used. For example, "regulated" suggests a more formal or official type of control, while "tamed" implies that something wild or unruly has been brought in line. Whatever the word choice, the idea remains the same: something is being properly managed and directed.

What are the hypernyms for Under control?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for under control?

The antonyms for "under control" include "out of control," "chaotic," "unmanageable," "unchecked," and "disorganized." These words describe situations in which there is no clear structure or order, and things are rapidly spiraling out of control. When something is "out of control," it often feels like there is no way to reign it in or get it back on track. Conversely, when something is "under control," it is being carefully managed and supervised, and there is a sense of order and predictability. Understanding these antonyms can help us better recognize and respond to situations that are getting out of hand, so we can take action to restore order and stability.

What are the antonyms for Under control?

Famous quotes with Under control

  • It scares you: all the noise, the rattling, the shaking. But the look on everybody's face when you're finished and packing, it's the best smile in the world; and there's nobody hurt, and the well's under control.
    Red Adair
  • As you look back at your life, there are just a million different things that have happened, just in the right way, to allow you to make your dreams come true. And you know, someone has all that under control.
    Michael P. Anderson
  • If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.
    Mario Andretti
  • I'm all in favour of free expression provided it's kept rigidly under control.
    Alan Bennett
  • The secret story is the one we'll never know, although we're living it from day to day, thinking we're alive, thinking we've got it all under control and the stuff we overlook doesn't matter.
    Roberto Bolano

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