What is another word for fawning?

Pronunciation: [fˈɔːnɪŋ] (IPA)

Fawning is a word that is commonly used to describe a person who is overly complimentary or servile towards someone else. This overly positive behavior can be seen as insincere or manipulative. When looking for synonyms for the word "fawning," some of the most common options include groveling, obsequious, bootlicking, sycophantic, and toadyish. These words all describe behaviors that involve putting someone else on a pedestal and treating them with excessive respect or admiration. While some people might find these behaviors flattering, others may find them annoying or even offensive. If you are looking for a more subtle or nuanced way to describe this type of behavior, you might consider using words like deferential, submissive, or reverential.

Synonyms for Fawning:

What are the hypernyms for Fawning?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for fawning?

The antonyms for the word "fawning" can be described as unsympathetic, aloof, indifferent, unconcerned, unresponsive, and unfeeling. These words are used to describe a person's behavior or attitude that lacks warmth or friendliness. Someone who is unsympathetic would not show any empathy towards the feelings of others, whereas someone who is aloof would keep themselves distant from others. Similarly, a person who is indifferent would show no interest or concern towards others, while someone who is unresponsive would not react or respond to the emotions of others. Lastly, a person who is unfeeling would lack sensitivity or compassion towards others.

What are the antonyms for Fawning?

Usage examples for Fawning

The general store in Vegas extended his credit, even his supply-house had heard the good news; and Blount, who had grown arrogant, became suddenly friendly and fawning, trying vainly to cover up his hand.
"Shadow Mountain"
Dane Coolidge
The dog came fawning and springing from the stables, and Peter whistled to him.
Kathleen Norris
He was welcomed by all ranks and ages with fawning enthusiasm as he passed along in triumphal progress to return thanks on the Capitol for the success of an unnatural crime.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill

Famous quotes with Fawning

  • There are too many fawning entertainment shows out there and not one of them is making fun of it all.
    David Spade
  • I do request you to thank Mr. W___ for me, and tell him he has the prayers- not of a raving mad whig, nor fawning deceitful tory- but of a coal-black, jolly African, who wishes health and peace to every religion and country throughout the ample range of God's creation!
    Ignatius Sancho
  • All the Hellenistic States had thus been completely subjected to the protectorate of Rome, and the whole empire of Alexander the Great had fallen to the Roman commonwealth just as if the city had inherited it from his heirs. From all sides kings and ambassadors flocked to Rome to congratulate her; they showed that fawning is never more abject than when kings are in the antechamber...w:Polybius dates from the battle of Pydna the full establishment of the universal empire of Rome. It was in fact the last battle in which a civilized state confronted Rome in the field on a footing of equality with her as a great power; all subsequent struggles were rebellions or wars with peoples beyond the pale of the Romano-Greek civilization -- with barbarians, as they were called. The whole civilized world thenceforth recognized in the Roman senate the supreme tribunal, whose commissions decided in the last resort between kings and nations; and to acquire its language and manners foreign princes and youths of quality resided in Rome. A clear and earnest attempt to get rid of this dominion was in reality made only once -- by the great Mithradates of Pontus. The battle of pydna, moreover, marks the last occasion on which the senate still adhered to the state-maxim that that they should, if possible, hold no possessions and maintain no garrisons beyond the Italian seas, but should keep the numerous states dependent on them in order by a mere political supremacy. The aim aim of their policy was that these states should neither decline into utter weakness and anarchy, as had nevertheless happened in Greece nor emerge out of their half-free position into complete independence, as Macedonia had attempted to do without success. No state was to be allowed to utterly perish, but no one was to be permitted to stand on its own resources... Indications of a change of system, and of an increasing disinclination on the part of Rome to tolerate by its side intermediate states even in such independence as was possible for them, were clearly given in the destruction of the Macedonian monarchy after the battle of Pydna, the more and more frequent and more unavoidable the intervention in the internal affairs of the petty Greek states through their misgovernment, and their political and social anarchy, the disarming of Macedonia, where the Northern forntier at any rate urgently required a defence different from that of mere posts; and, lastly, the introduction of the payment of land-tax to Rome from Macedonia and Illyria, were so many symptoms of the approaching conversion of the client states into subjects of Rome.
    Theodor Mommsen
  • Gylfie felt that the moment was right. "You are the last owl in the world that I would ever say lacked humility, 12-8. You are for my friend and myself a perfect example of humility. You are beyond humbleness! You are ..." Gylfie was madly searching for a word. Soren couldn't imagine. He had never seen such a demonstration of outrageous fawning. "You are ." 12-8 blinked at the word as did Soren, who had no idea what meant. "We, my friend and I, only wish that we could serve in the eggorium and thus attain such humbleness as yourself." "Your words are kind, 25-2. I shall hope that they might encourage me in my continuing quest for humility while in service to a great cause." She wandered off looking a tad more moon blinked than before, if that was possible. "What in Glaux's name is subglaucious?" Soran said as soon as she was out of earshot. "No idea. I made it up."
    Kathryn Lasky
  • ‘…today’s…newspapers…full of…diminishing exports, the unkillable widening grin of the pullulating East, the expanding machine of the almighty infallible State….He himself could only turn to the past, but he heard that it was already possible to change the past, bringing the past perpetually up to date, a perpetual jackal fawning on the present, a malleable witness with no qualms about perjury. He knew that the armies were on the march, the Tannoys blaring, the collective mind – tool of oligarchy – being fashioned under the anaesthetic of the catchphrase and the mass entertainment...’
    Anthony Burgess

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