What is another word for bad blood?

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The phrase bad blood, often used to describe a bitter or hostile relationship between two people, can be substituted with a variety of synonyms. Some alternatives include animosity, enmity, hostility, antipathy, conflict, feud, resentment, bitterness, grudge, or acrimony. Each of these words implies a negative or unpleasant relationship between two or more individuals. For example, animosity suggests strong dislike or hostility, whereas resentment implies a lingering bitterness or indignation. No matter the word used, the underlying meaning remains the same: a deep-seated conflict or dislike that is typically difficult to resolve.

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How to use "Bad blood" in context?

When two people share similar genetic markers, it can create a bond stronger than any other type of connection. The term "bad blood" is often used to describe this connection, because it stems from something that is negative, unhealthy, and intense. This type of kinship is often based on anger, resentment, and malice. It can be difficult to overcome, and living in close proximity to someone can be incredibly damaging.

One of the reasons bad blood is so difficult to overcome is because it often starts small. tiny little things that can become grudges and eventually turn into full-blown animosity.

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