What is another word for lenience?

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Lenience, also known as clemency, mercy, or forbearance, is a term used to describe the act of being compassionate and understanding, especially towards those who have caused harm or have made mistakes. Other synonyms for lenience include tolerance, indulgence, magnanimity, compassion, reprieve, pardon, forgiveness, and understanding. These words describe actions or qualities that involve being understanding and fair to others, even when they may have made errors or caused harm. Displaying lenience towards others requires empathy, kindness, and the ability to overlook minor flaws and shortcomings in order to achieve a greater understanding and harmony in our relationships.

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    LENINIST doctrines have at their core the concept of "lenience." This principle holds that criminal behavior should be punished more lightly than considered to be morally wrong. The doctrine is based on the understanding that criminal behavior is caused by social conditions and economic inequality. The lenient punishment of criminals is seen as a way to create social change, reduce crime, and help rehabilitate criminals.

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