What is another word for incubate?

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[ ˈɪnkjuːbˌe͡ɪt], [ ˈɪnkjuːbˌe‍ɪt], [ ˈɪ_n_k_j_uː_b_ˌeɪ_t]

Incubate is a term that describes the act of nurturing and encouraging the growth of something over time. There are a number of synonyms that can be used in place of incubate, including cultivate, foster, develop, nurture, promote, nourish, and raise. Each of these words conveys the idea of caring for and supporting something so that it can grow and reach its full potential. Whether you are talking about a new business venture, a creative idea, or even a baby animal, the concept of incubation is essential to its success. By using different synonyms for incubate, you can add variety and depth to your writing, and better capture the nuances of the idea you are expressing.

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    Incubate is a word meaning to keep (a developing organism) in an environment that "supports" its development. It is typically used with reference to the incubation of a egg or embryo in the warm, humid environment of the womb.

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