What is another word for cover up?

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The phrase "cover up" can often have negative connotations, implying a deliberate attempt to hide something or deceive someone. However, there are many synonyms for this phrase that can be used in a positive context. For example, "conceal" simply means to keep something from being seen or known, while "protect" suggests safeguarding something or someone against harm. "Mask" can be used to describe the act of hiding something behind a facade, while "camouflage" refers to the use of color or pattern to blend in with one's surroundings. Other synonyms for "cover up" include "hide," "disguise," "veil," "screen," and "cloak".

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When any type of crime is committed, it is important for the authorities to track down and prosecute anyone responsible for the crime. This is especially important when the crime is a serious one, such as a murder. However, sometimes, the authorities may choose to cover up the details of a crime in order to protect the people responsible. This is often done when the people involved in the crime are powerful and influential, or when they have the backing of certain people in the government. This can be a difficult decision for the authorities to make, as they risk losing credibility if they are seen as doing too little to uncover the truth about a crime.

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