What is another word for procreate?

167 synonyms found


[ p_ɹ_ˌɒ_k_ɹ_iː__ˈeɪ_t], [ pɹˌɒkɹiːˈe͡ɪt], [ pɹˌɒkɹiːˈe‍ɪt]

Synonyms for Procreate:

father (verb) procreate (verb) reproduce (verb) create eastern poison oak have sex Other synonyms: produce

Rhymes for Procreate:

  1. pate, hate, spate, bait, trait, grate, gait, state, mate, gate, plate, slate, plait, crate, great, weight, sate, tate, fate, skate, strait, straight, eight, late, fete, prate, date, rate, freight, wait, bate, ate;
  2. ornate, restate, predate, dilate, relate, prorate, innate, berate, sedate, irate, lightweight, kuwait, translate, equate, oblate, collate, inflate, debate, elate, await, est, misstate, postdate, deflate, estate, dictate, conflate, gestate, abate, create, negate;
  3. overweight, desecrate, solid-state, overrate, intrastate, conjugate, underrate, interstate, reinstate;
  4. interrelate, remunerate;

Quotes for Procreate:

  1. The right to procreate is not guaranteed, explicitly or implicitly, by the Constitution. Robert Bork.
  2. Fear, conformity, immorality: these are heavy burdens. They drain us of creative energy. And when we are drained of creative energy, we do not create. We procreate but we do not create. David McCallum.
  3. I feel as though I've fooled the world into thinking I'm an adult and now they're letting me procreate George Murray.