What is another word for mishandle?

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[ mɪshˈandə͡l], [ mɪshˈandə‍l], [ m_ɪ_s_h_ˈa_n_d_əl]

"Mishandle" refers to the act of handling something in a careless or inappropriate manner. Synonyms for this verb include "mangle," "botch," "bungle," and "muddle." To "mangle" something suggests that it has been severely damaged or disfigured due to rough or improper handling. "Botch" and "bungle" both imply a failure to execute a task properly, often leading to a mistake or undesirable outcome. "Muddle," on the other hand, suggests confusion or disorder caused by poor handling. Other synonyms for "mishandle" include "mismanage," "misplay," "bungling," and "fumble." When used in the context of social interactions or relationships, "mishandle" can also be replaced with "mishap" or "blunder".

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    Synonyms for Mishandle:

    What are the hypernyms for Mishandle?

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    What are the opposite words for mishandle?

    Mishandle means to manage or deal with something in an incompetent or ineffective way. Antonyms for mishandle include words like manage, handle, oversee, direct, supervise, control, govern, guide, conduct, and administer. These words are all indicative of responsible, effective, and efficient management. Mishandle is an action or behavior a person takes when they lack the experience, knowledge, or skill set to perform or execute a task correctly. On the contrary, proper handling of a task or situation requires careful planning, monitoring, and execution. Therefore, leaders should strive to incorporate antonyms of mishandle by improving their management and leadership skills, such as clear communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.

    Usage examples for Mishandle

    "But even if my ideals be too lofty, would you have me descend from the height of such a pinnacle to the level of the Lord Giovanni-a weak-spirited craven, as witnesses the manner in which he permitted the Borgias to mishandle him; a cruel and unjust tyrant, as witnesses his dealing with you, to seek no further instances; a weak, ignorant, pleasure-loving fool, devoid of wit and barren of ambition?
    "The Shame of Motley"
    Raphael Sabatini
    Often they mishandle and spoil the beautiful relationship on which they have entered to their own disgust and disappointment.
    "Men, Women, and God"
    A. Herbert Gray
    They hastened to the houses of the Jews, to plunder them and mishandle their inmates.
    "The Student-Life of Germany"
    William Howitt

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